Goat Simulator 3: How To Get Rhino

November 23, 2022
Move cars aside with ease as a rhino!

Would you like to go about the open world of Goat Simulator 3 as a freaking rhino? We got you covered! To unlock the Angry Goat skin (yes, that’s what the devs called the rhino in this game), you must first complete the quest ‘Missing: Rosie.’

Follow this guide and soon enough you’d now be able to roam around the open world as a chunky rhino. Now, let’s get right to it.

How to Get Rhino

To begin the ‘Missing: Rosie’ quest and get the Rhino costume, you need to head over to the zoo located on the map as shown above.

Once there, make your way to the mountainside just behind the zoo. That is where the zookeepers cage the missing rhino.

To do that, follow the big excrements you see. At first, it will lead you to the zoo’s parking lot.

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Then you should see a way up the mountain using a wooden plank and a large yellow ladder. Go up using them.

You should then see a caged rhino there with some zookeepers.

Now grab the Rhino, her name is Rosie by the way, and ragdoll her back to the Rhino exhibit to the right of the Zoo’s entrance. No need to be gentle with her, she’ll be fine.

After dragging Rosie to the exhibit, it should automatically complete the ‘Missing: Rosie’ quest and unlock the Rhino costume.

There it is! Now you have the Rhino costume in Goat Simulator 3! Have fun.