Goat Simulator 3: How To Get Banana

November 23, 2022
Here is how you get the Abominana gear in Goat Simulator 3

Would you like to wreak havoc dressed as a silly banana? While such may seem like just a fever dream, Goat Simulator 3 makes it possible with its Banana alternate skin. As fun as it may be to create chaos in the open world as a goat, the silliness factor just jumps to 11 when you do it dressed as a yellow fruit.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to unlock the Banana costume in Goat Simulator 3.

How To Get Banana

To get started, you must make your way to Pointy Foods Inc., which is located here on the map.

Once there, find this spot under the building. Check the image above.

There, you should see a yellow ladder. Walk up to it and enter the doorway that has a “Danger Biohazard” warning. This is the laboratory.

Hit the big red button to open the doorway outside. It should be blocked by a scientist.

Once that is open, you would now need to collect 5 conveyor belts. Three of them are outside and the other two are inside.

The first one is located on top of a green crate just beside a Pointy Foods yellow van. Drag it inside the laboratory and install it there.

The next one is located under the tunnel you just walked through upon entering the building.

The third one is simply hanging about in the middle of the laboratory itself. Just drag it a few inches to connect it with the two conveyor belts you have already found.

The fourth one is located a bit further into the lab. It is behind a scientist and is nearby a wall with some paper notes by the doorway.

The final conveyor belt is outside near a stack of cut lumber. Drag it to the conveyor belts you have found already and complete the system.

Once you have all five conveyor belts working, bananas would flow to the machine and soon enough it would transform the test subjects into living bananas. Funny, but also a bit creepy.

At this point, you can jump to the test tubes yourself to also turn into a banana. This would permanently unlock the banana costume.

There you have it! Now create chaos as a yellow fruit!