Goat Simulator 3: All 7 San Angora Zoo Trinkets

February 9, 2023
Find all the shiny trinkets in Goat Simulator 3!

The crazy wild ride that is Goat Simulator 3 is finally here and it’s bringing with it a fun map and some interesting collectibles. One of these collectibles being seven trinkets by the San Angora Zoo scattered around the map for you to collect.

The trinkets will be cleverly hidden in spots around the vicinity of the San Angora Zoo. They also give a faint sparkling sound once you get closer to them. Here is a guide on locations of the San Angora Zoo Trinkets in Goat Simulator 3.

All 7 San Angora Zoo Trinkets – Goat Simulator 3

Goat Trinket #1

From the Quiet Hill Rest Area sign, head to the left. Pass through the trees until you see a small log shack. Go to the front of it and you will see a man who is meditating and the Zoo trinket behind him.

Goat Trinket #2

For the second trinket, head back to the Quiet Hill Rest Area sign. The trinket will be hiding directly behind the sign.

Goat Trinket #3

You can begin your search from the Snusk Vineyard entrance. Jump over the entrance and continue straight ahead through the mountain path.

You will eventually encounter a trailer with some boars and a small cave in front of it. The trinket will be inside the cave.

Goat Trinket #4

The fourth trinket can be found inside the San Angora Zoo Animal Quarantine building.

While it is initially locked, you can ram the door open to get inside. The trinket can be found in one corner of the room hidden behind some wooden planks.

Goat Trinket #5

The fifth trinket can be found at the San Angora Zoo entrance area.

Go through the Zoo entrance and jump up to the higher floor. It will be waiting beside the metal bars at the center.

Goat Trinket #6

The sixth trinket is located inside the Rhino habitat, directly to the right of the Zoo entrance.

Head straight inside and at the end of the enclosure will be the trinket placed next to some feeding troughs.

Goat Trinket #7

The last trinket is inside the Dolphin Show building of the Zoo.

It can be found in a corner of the show room, behind the tree. Get past the dancers and claim it.

And those are all of the collectible trinkets in the San Angora Zoo area of Goat Simulator 3!