Girls Connect Tier List, Ranked

July 7, 2023
Check out this tier list to learn more about the characters in Girls Connect.

Girls Connect is an Idle RPG that can be played on your phone. This RPG contains a ton of characters that are all graded in each category. Most of these characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. That is why we are here and have created a tier list to show you which character from which grade will work good in Girls Connect.

Without further ado, let’s dive into today’s tier list for all the characters in Girls Connect.

Tier List – Girls Connect

In girls connect there are a ton of characters and all of them are graded in different classes by rarity. These classes are:

  • UR
  • SSR
  • SR
  • R

In our tier list, we will show you the names of all the characters and we will give them a tier rank starting from S to F tier.

UR Rank Characters Tier List

The UR Rank characters are mainly those very hard-to-obtain characters and will take you quite some time and effort to get almost any of them, however, once you do, you will see that they are very good at what they do and very effective.

In our tier list below for these graded characters, you can see that the majority of them are S and A-tier characters.

Let us show you our tier list for all the UR Ranked characters in Girls Connect:

CottonwoodA Tier
SigurdleyS tier
EpsilonA Tier
AuroraS Tier
PuroA Tier
SetsuA Tier
NiaA Tier
NidhoggS Tier
TsubasaS Tier
NicoleS Tier
DanteA Tier
BradleyB Tier
CadleyA Tier
SpecterA Tier
RinA Tier
LeviathanA Tier
NiordS Tier
HeraA Tier
YunaA Tier
Frost StarS Tier
SilassiaB Tier
Snow RulerC Tier
MirenneB Tier
LabisS Tier
LoreleiA Tier
AliceB Tier
GulvigS Tier
MistyA Tier
M. KuzunohaC Tier
ChloeC Tier
PetrollaA Tier
BahamuC Tier
Y. KuznohaB Tier
RengetsuC Tier
MiraS Tier
DonleyB Tier
UtegaS Tier
SherraA Tier
ArabelA Tier
DaisyA Tier
BonaireC Tier
VelB Tier
EnseiB Tier

SSR Rank Characters Tier List

The SSR rank is one rank lower than the UR and these characters are all also “alright” and they can be good at some specific situations, that is if you compare them only with the UR ranked characters.

Let us show you our tier list for the SSR Ranked characters in Girls Connect:

TenjinC Tier
RubyC Tier
Black CrowC Tier
MichellC Tier
PanD Tier
SashaD Tier
LiffaD Tier
ShikioniD Tier
KettyD Tier
SylasD Tier
AvernaD Tier
ElvieD Tier
GranineD Tier

As you can see. The majority of these characters we have ranked C and D tier, meaning that they won’t be that great for future battles.

SR Rank Characters Tier list

The SR ranked characters are one tier below the SSR. Here we can compare this rank with the one above and make different combinations as these characters are not that different from the SSR ranked ones.

Let us show you our tier list for the SR Ranked characters in Girls Connect:

GalfordD Tier
AlkamD Tier
Grey CrowD Tier
FlamieD Tier
AngelinaD Tier
ShilohD Tier
AlphenD Tier
UnoD Tier
NepheruD Tier
KurashaD Tier
VladimiraD Tier
HarbyD Tier

All of the characters here are D tier in my opinion. They are simply here for the very beginner steps of the game. After that, you won’t really need them too much.

R Rank Characters Tier List

And finally, we have made it to the very bottom of the ranked characters which is the R rank. This rank has the best starter characters with default equipment which can definitely compete against SOME of the SR characters.

But eventually there is a limit to these characters and you will need to replace them. For the very early stages of the game, when you only have these characters to pick from, we suggest you get any one you want as they are all equally strong.

Here is our list for the R ranked characters in Girls Connect:

Imperial WitchF Tier             
R. StarsoulF Tier             
Dire WolfF Tier             
YabonF Tier             
GravellerF Tier             
DryadF Tier