Ghost Watchers: Beginners Guide

Published: 3 Aug 2022
Check out this guide to know everything about Ghost Watcher!

Ghost Watchers is a co-op multiplayer online horror game where players need to explore and hunt for ghosts inside abandoned houses. There are different types of ghosts and demons that you will encounter and you need to fight as well as catch them in the game.

This beginner guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started in this game.

Ghost Watchers: Beginners Guide

You can start the game by clicking on the New Game option in the main menu and then you can change the various settings in the lobby area before starting the game. There are 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Insane and 4 maps: Training Base, City School, Abandoned House and Police Station.

You can create a public game and invite your friends by sharing the lobby code with them or join someone’s else game by asking them for the code.

After you start the game, you will spawn inside a van where you will notice there are various items kept on a shelf as well as a laptop in the corner.

Interacting with the laptop will allow you to access the in-game shop where you can purchase different items that will help you catch the ghost.

Purchasing items require cash that you will receive by completing the tasks on the board.

The White Board on your left lists all the different tasks that you need to complete to get rewarded with the cash.

You can press Tab to open the Journal and here you need to input all the evidence that you will get. There are 3 phases and in the first phase, you will need to input all the evidence in the journal to know more about the ghost.

Once you input the evidence, you will be able to learn more about the ghost such as the ghost type, age and mood.

After you select the options based on the description of the ghost, you will move to Phase 2 where you need to weaken the ghost and the journal will tell you everything you need to know about him.

You will find all the items that can be used to protect yourself as well as the steps that you need to follow to weaken the ghost.

Once you have followed all the steps mentioned in the journal, you need to grab this white ball inside the van as the ghost will be running around the house at this point and you just need to throw the ball to trap him like a Pokemon.

Now it’s time to find the ghost, first, you need to grab the items one by one from the shelf and take them inside the house to place them in the doorway.

For a better visibility, you can turn on the lights in the house however chances are that some ghosts might get annoyed and turn them off.

You can learn more about the ghost that you are hunting for by opening the encyclopedia inside the journal and finding details about the different types of ghosts as well as the tools if you don’t know how to use them.

All ghosts have 4 types of moods: calm, aggressive, anxious and hunting, you can find out the mood of your ghost by using a Vodoo Doll or a Walkie-Talkie.

There are 4 types of ghosts: young, middle, older and ancient, you will be able to determine their age via particle counter and ouija board. The older the ghost, the more dangerous and cunning they become.

You can also get the option to say different phrases to the ghost at some point and it’s best to use them wisely otherwise they can have terrible consequences.

To protect yourself from the ghost, there are 3 safety items: Crucifix, Christ Statue, and Incense and they can be used 3 times. All of them have rope strands on them and when you use one to dodge the ghost and avoid death, the rope strand disappears. Just equip the item in your hand when the ghost appears and you will be safe.

If you stumble upon a mirror in the house then you can use it to determine the current location of the ghost. You need to be patient and let the items in the doorway measure paranormal activity to find the ghost.

The ghost is constantly roaming the house so it will be automatically measured by the devices at some point.

When the ghost says interacting with the equipment and says die, it’s best to equip your protective items in the hand such as the Voodoo Doll. You will see various effects on your screen with the ghost screaming die in the background and then it will resume to normal if you have equipped the protective item indicating that you are safe. One such indicator is when your flashlight starts to flicker, exit the house and immediately equip your protective item.

After you have gathered enough information about the ghost, input the evidence into your journal and you will get the steps to weaken the ghost.

Even if you don’t get readings on one or two devices, it’s best to still input them as they will help you identify the ghost type and model. Click on the Weaken the Ghost option and follow the steps mentioned there.

You need to be sure about the ghost type first otherwise if you follow the steps, the entire mission will fall apart and fail. Make sure to break the line of sight when the ghost tries to kill you.

If you manage to identify the ghost correctly and follow the first step, you will get a message that the ghost has been weakened.

After you have followed all the steps in the journal, just grab the white coloured ball and throw it towards the ghost to capture it.

The ghost will be successfully captured and the level will be completed.

That’s everything you need to know about Ghost Watcher!