Geometry Dash Extreme Demon List

August 29, 2023
Learn all about demons in geometry dash, including a list of all extreme demons

Geometry Dash Demonlist categorizes various Demon levels in the game in order of difficulty that the monster faces. Dash is popularly known for its attractive and unique gameplay and has garnered fans for its vibrant level colors and interface. Players can take control of the gameplay by switching their moves to avoid obstacles.

Geometry Dash demands time, speed, and skill to overcome all the adversaries the game has to offer. The game comes with 21 primary levels of increasing difficulty, including 3 demon levels (with secret rewards) and 18 regular levels. The Demon official list was a mere topic forum regarding the game, but now it has been moved to an independent website. The list has seen regular updates since April 2015.

Here’s everything to know about the Geometry Dash extreme demon list.

Extreme Demon List in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash’s demon list is subject to regular updates, and currently, the list recognizes Acheron as the most challenging Demon level. The list is stats-driven, and the leaderboard stats viewer is updated when a player defeats a level and, in turn, is awarded Demonlist points. Players who gather more facts with each victory move up the list.

The list currently classifies Zoink as the player with the most Demonlist points in the Individual Stats Viewer, and in the Nation Stats Viewer, the United States holds the most Demonlist points. Geometry Dash’s Demon List is divided into two categories, each comprising 75 demons. The primary and extended lists rank Demon levels subjectively according to the average time players invested in these required levels and skills.

List of Extreme Demons in Geometry Dash:

  • Acheron by ryamu
  • Avernus by PockeWindfish
  • Silent clubstep by Sailent
  • Slaughterhouse by IcEDCave
  • Kyouki by Demishio
  • Abyss of Darkness by Exen
  • Sakupen Circles by Diamond
  • Codependence by TCTeam
  • Firework by Trick
  • KOCMOC by Cherry Team
  • MINUSdry by CDMusic
  • LIMBO by MindCap
  • Poocubed by Lisp
  • Saul Goodman by Renn241
  • The Hallucination by SyQual
  • Prcturus by maxfs
  • Edge of Destiny by CDMusic
  • Oblivion by dice88
  • Hard Machine by Komp
  • UNKNOWN by NineDice
  • Mayhem by LordVadercraft
  • Sonic Wave Infinity by APTeam
  • Tartarus by Dolphy
  • Solar Flare by Linear
  • walter white by Renn241
  • Trueffet by SyQual
  • The Golden by BoBoBoBoBoBoBo
  • Sinister Silence by Wahffle
  • Verdant Landscape by Nisha
  • Shukketsu by Yuko
  • Zodiac by Bianox
  • Aerial Gleam by EndLevel
  • Kenos by npesta
  • Keres by ItsHybrid
  • Esfera by SyQual
  • Terminal Rampancy by Xyriak
  • NEUTRA by Jenkins GD
  • Critical Heat by Zeniux
  • Promethean by EndLevel
  • Fragile by EndLevel
  • Thinking Space by Atomic
  • QoUEO by GhostVandalf
  • Lotus Flower by StarkyTheSalad
  • SARY NEVER CLEAR by Kugelblitz
  • Crimson Planet by TrueOmega
  • Renevant by nikrodox
  • Calculator Core by Walroose
  • Cold Sweat by para
  • TORN by Kyhros
  • Cognition by EndLevel
  • Cosmic Cyclone by APTeam
  • Lucid Nightmares by CairoX
  • Widestep by Demishio
  • RUST by neigefeu
  • Shardscapes by Kiba
  • Akashic Records by VoTcHi
  • DIRECTIONS by ryli
  • RUTHLESS by Surjaco
  • Ragnarok by knobbelboy
  • Congregation by Presta
  • Escape Room by SleyGD
  • Descent Into Exile by GrenadeofTacos
  • Launchpad Labyrinth by Moffe
  • Silent Club by Luqualizer
  • Omega Interface by Platnuu
  • The Rupture by Ka1ns
  • Kappa by Armadeus
  • Bloodlust by knobbelboy
  • Fog by notesxd
  • Sazerix by Zeptrus
  • The Art of the Blade by mbed
  • Jesse Pinkman by Renn241
  • Asterios by Exen