Genshin Impact: While the Dream Lingers Quest Guide

August 30, 2022
Help Javi find his dream to complete the quest!

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game where players must complete various quests and missions to progress. The latest 3.0 update adds plenty of new missions and collectables such as While the Dream Lingers world quest.

This guide will tell you how to complete the While the Dream Lingers World quest in the game.

While the Dream Lingers Quest Guide

While the Dream Lingers world quest is a part of the Sumeru Reputation system and you need to head over to the Avidya Forest near Charakam Caves in the Sumeru region.

Once you reach there, you will find an NPC called Javi sitting under the big tree. Talk to him to start the quest and do note that you will need to complete the main area quest first before you can start this quest.

After the cutscene, you need to head across to the other side of the river and then dig for an item to help Javi look for his “dream.

Dig for a couple of spots around this tree and you will soon find a box.

Now return back to Javi to give him this box.

Next, you will need to collect some Sumeru Rose seeds. In order to collect them, you will need to equip the Seed Dispensary gadget in your inventory.

Now head over to this teleport waypoint near the Charakam Cave on the map.

Equip the Seed Dispensary gadget and roam around the hills for a while to collect the Sumeru Rose Seed.

Return back to Javi in the Port Omros area on the map and give him the seeds.

Talk to him and the quest will be completed, rewarding you with 21500 Mora and 3 Hero’s Wit.

You can also claim some reputation from the Sumeru Reputation system to increase your reputation bar.

That’s it, you have successfully completed the While the Dream lingers quest by helping Mr.Javi!