Genshin Impact: Where to use Dendro Sigil

August 24, 2022
Don’t know where to use Dendro Sigil? Check out this guide to find out!

A lot of players have found an item in Genshin Impact called Dendro Sigil, this item is part of the new 3.0 update of the game so it would make sense why no one knows how to actually use the item itself. Many players are left scratching their heads since this item doesn’t seem to have any crafting benefits. So, what is it used for?

Stick around to find out!

Genshin Impact: Where to use Dendro Sigil

To use Dendro Sigil you first need to teleport using the Statue of Seven Located in Vanarana, this statue is the hardest to find out of all of them but if you have it follow the next steps. When you teleport you want to head north from the Statue towards the cottage.

Then you want to head to the cave situated at the top of the hill.

Inside the cave, you will see a big Onion looking root this root is called the Tree of Dreams, you can use this tree by approaching it and pressing the use key.

You can upgrade this tree using Dendro Sigil, by upgrading it you obtain certain rewards such as XP and gold. And that is pretty much where you can use Dendro Sigil. Have fun with this knowledge.

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