Genshin Impact: Verity Calls Puzzle Guide

September 28, 2022
Use the Verity Cells to discover hidden objects in your surroundings!

Genshin Impact has recently received a 3.1 update called “King Deshret and the Three Magi” that adds plenty of new content in the Sumeru region. It adds new areas, weapons, characters and quests for players to enjoy.

While exploring King Deshret’s Ruins, you will come across various puzzles that can be complex and difficult to understand. Solving these puzzles is important as they will allow you to progress further inside the ruins.

This guide will tell you how to solve the Verity Calls Puzzle in the game.

Verity Calls Puzzle Guide – Genshin Impact

The Verity Calls is a new mechanic introduced in the 3.1 update that allows players to reveal invisible or obscured objects in the environment.

When exploring the Ruins of King Deshret you will come across this Primal Sandglass that needs to be flipped but when instead a message will appear on your screen saying “No reaction…Maybe there might be some Primal Sandglasses around here that haven’t been activated yet”.

Head down the staircase where the Sandglass is located and then turn left in the hallway to step on the large square button surrounded by a blue aura.

This will bring up the Verity Cell and touch it to reveal hidden objects in your surroundings.

Head into the left corner of the hall and you will notice that a small wooden stick has appeared from the ground.

Open the menu and access the party menu to change your character to Amber.

Use your bow and shoot an arrow towards the stick to light it up.

Now go back to the Verity Cell and touch it again to reveal more obscured objects in the environment.

Two more wooden sticks will appear from the ground, the first one can be found left of the Verity Cell.

You just need to shoot the stick with your bow to light it up.

The second stick can be found exactly opposite of the first stick that you lit up after touching the cell for the first time

Head back into the centre of the room again to touch the Verity Cell and it will reveal another stick this time.

The stick can be found left of the cell surrounded by stones and some wooden branches.

A treasure chest will now appear beside the staircase in the room and you can collect it to complete the puzzle.

That’s it, you have successfully completed the Verity Calls puzzle in the game!