Genshin Impact: Uproot Guide

The 3.1 update  for Genshin Impact has arrived and with it is the Weinlesefest festival event for Mondstadt. This event is filled with lots of fun side quests and freebies for all participating players. Hunting boars is also one part of the festivities. The Uproot segment of the Weinlesefest event finally lets you face off against the Great Snowboar King of Dragonspine.

Here’s a guide on the Uproot segment of the Weinlesefest event in Genshin Impact.

Uproot Guide – Genshin Impact

This quest pits you against the Great Snowboar King, but it’s a fight with a twist.

Normal attacks are not effective against the Snowboar King, but you do have traps and shields at your disposal.

Your elemental skill will be replaced with a trap attack that’s effective on the Snowboar King when it is dazed.

Throughout the battlefield are a bunch of stationary traps that will arm themselves every few seconds. When the Snowboar King charges at you, you can bait him to charge into these traps instead.

That will stun him for a few seconds and is an opportunity for you to launch two or three traps in his face.

Scattered throughout the field are also Shield pickups.

Aside from dealing damage to any enemies you are in close contact with, it will also daze Snowboar King if it charges at you while it is still active on your character.

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Rinse and repeat this process of dazing the Snowboar King and throwing traps at him and you will eventually capture him once you fully deplete his HP.

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