Genshin Impact: Toy Castle Missing Pieces Locations

September 13, 2022
Let's figure out how and where to discover the Toy Castle's missing pieces in Genshin Impact!

A brand-new quest and playable location named Fischl’s Domain is now available as part of the Genshin Impact 2.8 Summer Fantasia. Players can accept and fulfill a variety of missions across this region, which is open to everybody. One of the goals is to locate the Toy Castle’s missing pieces. Despite how simple it may seem, gamers could have trouble locating the pieces.

This guide will show you where to find all pieces of the Toy Castle in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Toy Castle Missing Pieces Locations

To access the castle dungeon in Fischl’s Domain, you must gather the missing castle pieces. The castle grounds can be rather perplexing because they are so dispersed and have difficult riddles and new opponents constantly popping up. 

The task to collect the missing pieces for the Toy Castles will be given to you once you arrive at Fischl. There are two toy castles, and you must locate each of their pieces separately. In order to finally assemble the toy castle and go inside, this guide will teach you where to look for the two missing pieces in the toy castle.

Finding Toy Castle Missing Pieces

First Toy Castle Missing Piece

The player must follow a set of instructions in order to find the first Toy Castle Missing Piece. 

  • First, you need to kill the opponents in front of you as you cross the courtyard and engage with the Gaze of the Deep. When the purple emblem is in the center of your field of vision, lower the lens. You will know you are close when you see a white circle.
  • Turn right and eliminate the adversaries. At the end of the route, open the Precious Chest to reveal the Nightwatch Contract. Return to the first Gaze of the Deep and descend the steps without turning around.
  • Jump to the path on your right when you reach the halfway point of the path. Place the lens in the center of the box with the purple insignia in the Gaze of the Deep. Then, step into the cage elevator. Furthermore, turn left and climb the ladder.
  • Center the lens on the box by interacting with the Gaze of the Deep. Climb the other ladder and return to the confined elevator. Eliminate the enemies, climb the stairs, and here is the final step,  grab the first component of the missing toy castle.

Second Toy Castle Missing Piece

The steps for locating the second missing piece of the toy castle in Genshin Impact are as follows:

  • Return to the main courtyard and take the alternate route. Fly to the next platform by using the ladder on the box. Kill the baddies as you proceed past Gaze of the Deep. Follow the route until it ends at the Gaze of the Deep. Once the purple box has been in focus, move on to the other two Gaze of the Deep and repeat the same there.
  1. Zoom all the way out and concentrate on the box on the left for the second Gaze of the Deep.
  • Zoom all the way out, concentrate on the box on the left, and align the ladders for the final Gaze of the Deep.
  • Furthermore, the purple box’s ladder should be climbed. Then, get rid of the opposition and move forward. Leap down after interacting with the Noticeboard at the end of the trail. Land alongside the two Gaze of the Deep on the platform.
  1. Lenses should be focused on the little box and aligned with the large box behind it for the left Gaze of the Deep.
  • Put the small box to the left of the huge box and focus the lens on it to get the proper Gaze of the Deep.
  • Wrap around the building’s exterior using the ladder on the right side to find a Precious Chest and a Nightwatch Contract.
  • Take the wind’s route, ascend the stairs, and kill the foes. At the top, get the second missing piece for the toy castle. You can proceed to the caged elevator to finish this part of the mission.

That is all there is to know about locating the missing pieces of the Toy Castle in Genshin Impact.