Genshin Impact: Target Master Of The Snow Peaks

October 6, 2022
Meet the true lord of Dragonspine in Genshin Impact!

The 3.1 update  for Genshin Impact has arrived and with it is the Weinlesefest festival event for Mondstadt. This event is filled with lots of fun side quests and freebies for all participating players. Hunting boars is also one part of the festivities. There are whispers of a giant Snowboar inhabiting Dragonspine. You can finally meet him in this event and maybe even fight and trap him!

Here’s a guide on the Target: Master of the Snow Peaks quest in Genshin Impact.

Target Master Of The Snow Peaks – Genshin Impact

The titular Master of the Snow Peaks talked about the great Snow Boar King in Dragonspine.

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It has been a secret easter egg in the area, but now comes front and center in this Weinlesefest event.

To start this quest you will have to go to talk to Farabi and Edmund in Dragonspine.

Farabi will mention that he found an “unexpected research target”. Edmund adds that he’s found the footprints of a huge animal in Dragonspine. They will then ask you to fight and trap the huge Snowboar.

Once you’re ready, you can talk to Farabi and he will lay down the bait.

This will start the fight with The Great Snowboar King, the true lord of Dragonspine, and will continue on to the Uproot portion of the Weinlesefest event.