Genshin Impact Sumeru: Lost Riches Day 1 Guide

With the new Genshin Impact Sumeru, players can hunt for a treasure from the Treasure Book. With the new event Lost Riches, Day 1 is already available to hunt for a new treasure. There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to find the treasure. Follow this guide, and you will learn how to do Lost Riches Day 1 in the area of Sumeru in Genshin Impact 3.0.

This guide will show you Lost Riches Day 1 event in Genshin Impact Sumeru.

Lost Riches Day 1 Guide in Genshin Impact Sumeru

Treasure Area 1 Clue is already available in Genshin Impact Sumeru and it can be followed in the Treasure Book. For this, you need to collect a total of 3 treasures.

To get to the treasure, you need to get all the Energy Emissions that you can see on your mini-map!

The Seelie only needs three at a time to point out a treasure, but once it does, you can keep collecting energy emissions for the Treasure-Seeking Seelie.

Treasure area 1

You have to head to Chatrakam Cave in the Sumeru area and obtain three Treasures.

Once you are there, equip Treasure-Seeking Seelie and press “Z” to summon it.

After summoning, Energy emissions will appear on your map, and you need to collect only 3 and then the Treasure-Seeking Seelie will locate the treasure area.

The blue light will appear on the map where you have to go and start the challenge.

In the challenge defeat the monsters that will spawn around you and collect their energy to fill the Seelie Vitality bar.

Once you complete the challenge, the golden light will reveal and you can dig the first treasure.

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Genshin Impact Sumeru: Treasure Area 2 Clue

Treasure area 2

Summon Treasure-Seeking Seelie and head northeast of the teleport waypoint to find the next Seelie.

Again press “Z” and the three Energy Emissions will appear on your map. Collect 3 of them, and then you will be able to start the challenge that Treasure-Seeking Seelie located for you.

In this challenge, you need to collect enough Energy Emissions in a period of 2 minutes to fill the Seelie Vitality bar and complete the challenge.

After that, you will be able to dig your treasure at the golden light that will be revealed on the ground.

Treasure area 3

Continue following the treasure area on your map that is marked with a yellow circle.

Once you are inside the area, press “Z” again and the energy emissions will be revealed on the map. All you need is to collect only 3 energy, and then your Treasure-Seeking Seelie will locate the treasure area for you.

At the treasure area on your map, you will see another blue light glowing from the ground.

There you have to start another challenge where you need to defeat the monsters that spawn around you and collect their energy to fill Steelie Vitality bar.

Once you complete the challenge, another golden light will appear at the treasure area where you can dig your third treasure for the event.

As you know how to find all 3 treasures for Lost Riches da 1 event, you can get into your game and start looking for them.

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