Genshin Impact: Star-Seeker’s Sojourn Day 4 Guide | The Hidden Path’s Future Star Location & Puzzle

October 24, 2022
Help Banu find the Future Stars in Genshin Impact!

In the Star-Seeker’s Sojourn series of quests, you will be tasked with looking for Future Stars by a little girl named Banu. These stars can often be locked behind puzzles or platforming challenges.

Day 4 of Star-Seeker’s Sojourn will mark a small area in the desert for you to search in. The Future Star here can be found high in the air. You will have to go through some invisible platforms to get to it.

Star-Seeker’s Sojourn Day 4 Guide | The Hidden Path’s Future Star Location & Puzzle – Genshin Impact

For this quest, you will need an Electro character such as Fischl and Lisa. That is because you will have to interact with Tri-Yana Seeds floating in the air.

These creatures have the ability to reveal hidden things when Electro is applied to them, which makes them extremely useful as the path to the Future Star is riddled with invisible floors.

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Head to the start point of the area and you will notice the invisible floors jutting out from the cliff. Apply Electro to any Tri-Yana Seeds near you to make traversal easier.

Do not use Pyro on the Seeds as that will cause them to go dormant and stop moving. If you accidentally do, you can use Dendro on them to revive them.

While going through the invisible floors, use your Banu’s Wisdom item to show you which direction you should be going in. Once you are close enough, the Future Star will reveal itself.

It has the appearance of a small green gem that you can collect by simply getting close to it.