Genshin Impact: Skyfeather Location Guide

March 31, 2022
Let's find location of Skyfeather in Genshin impact!

If you want to find the Skyfeather on Genshin Impact, here are the instructions you need to follow in order to do so!

Skyfeather Location – Genshin Impact

Teleport yourself to the specific part of the map, which is shown below, you will spawn in the dark area.

After climbing on the wooden installation which will can be easily accessed by moving forward with your character, you need to start climbing the blue rocky terrain up until you find the Qingxin flower.

Continue climbing the hill until you reach the green terrain that should be above the one that you just captured the flowers in.

After a short walk forward, you need to climb again on the blue rocky terrain that will spawn in front of you, also known as Glaze Peak.

After you will climb to the very top of this terrain, you should navigate East, or right from the original position you will be.

Then, after passing the Geo Crystalfly, you will eventually reach to a dead-end where you will see a nest which will contain Bird Egg, Wheat, and a single feather inside. That feather is what you are looking for!