Genshin Impact: Silver Pocket Watch Location

July 15, 2022
Find out where Silver Pocket Watch is in Genshin Impact and how to utilize it here!

Silver Pocket Watch in Genshin Impact is an event quest item. The player can discover this item in the Golden Apple Archipelago’s Broken Isle. Clearly, this is not a brand-new pocket watch. However, you can tell that it has been intentionally damaged, showing how much the owner cares about it. An image of a young child from Snezhnaya is prominently featured inside.

Here is everything you need to know about the Silver Pocket Watch Location in Genshin Impact including its location and its utilization. 

Genshin Impact: Silver Pocket Watch Location

How to use Silver Pocket Watch In Genshin Impact?

Not Yet Usable!

The “Misplaced Photo” quest in Genshin Impact will probably require the Silver Pocket Watch, but you can’t start the quest yet. There is no way to offer the watch to the Mirror Maiden on Broken Isle who is looking for a picture of her brothers. 

The quest may be restricted to a specific stage of the Summertime Odyssey event. Stay tuned for the upcoming update.

Silver Pocket Watch Location

How to get there?

The Event Item Silver Pocket Watch can be discovered on Midsummer Island in Genshin Impact.

For Genshin Impact version 2.8, Silver Pocket Watch is situated at Golden Island Archipelago. To find the item’s precise position, utilize the map below.

Located Northeast of Broken Isle

You can find the Silver Pocket Watch on the northeastern island of Broken Isle. We’ve marked the exact location for you in the image above Every player just needs to investigate the glowing spot at the location.