Genshin Impact: Setekh Wenut Boss Fight Location

February 9, 2023
This is where the Setekh Wenut Boss is located in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is filled with different bosses and puzzles that are all located in different part of all maps. These bosses and puzzles hold great secrets and can help you obtain various high-quality items that can benefit the player in many ways.

In this guide, you will see where the Setekh Wenut boss is located in Genshin Impact.

Setekh Wenut Boss Fight Location

The Setekh Wenut Boss can be found on the East side of the Desert of Hadramaveth. Look at the image below and get to the exact spot if you want to begin the boss encounter.

Once you’ve reached this part of the map, you will spot a giant hole. This giant hole is well hidden in the rocks. Whenever you see it, go down where you will see some green particles and sand particles that seem to constantly get sucked into the ground.

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As you go closer and close towards the ground, the Setekh Wenut boss will rise from the ground and begin attacking you. Be ready!

And there you have it gamers. That is exact location where you need to go in order to pay Setekh Wenut a visit and encounter it. Good luck on your fight!