Genshin Impact: Search For The Lost Monument Fragments

April 14, 2023
Head over to these locations to find all the missing fragments!

Genshin Impact has received a new 3.6 update called “A Parade of Providence”, adding new areas, banners, story quests, and more. The update also adds a new area in Sumeru called Girdle of the Sands containing plenty of new quests such as the “Search for Lost Monument Fragments”.

This guide will tell you the location of all 4 fragments of the monument

Search For The Lost Monument Fragments

In order to complete the Search for Lost Monuments Fragments quests, players need to find four lost fragments of the monuments in different places. This quest can be unlocked by starting the Monumental stud but do note that you will need to also complete the Khvarena of Good and Evil questline first.

Eventually, Sosi will give you the task of finding the lost fragments of the monuments but you will have to look for the fragments yourself.

The 1st fragment can be found at the Hills of Barsom at the location marked above. Once you reach there, head into the bark of the tree and you will be able to collect the 1st fragment floating in the air.

The 2nd fragment is located near the Vourukasha Oasis located in the Realm of the Farakhert. Head over to the marked location and you will find the fragment floating over the tree bark on the river.

The 3rd fragment can be found close to the Asipaatravana Swamp area marked above. Head over there and glide down to collect the third missing fragment below the tree bark.

Last but not least is the 4th fragment which is located in the Tunigi Hollow area. Once you reach there, traverse through the hilly terrain and you will find the last fragment floating above the pointed tree bark.

That’s it, you have successfully collected all the missing fragments and completed the quest!

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