Genshin Impact: Reminiscent Regimen

Published: 4 Aug 2022
If you'd want information on the Genshin Impact Reminiscent Regimen event, check out this guide!

Players can still take part in a number of activities before Genshin Impact 2.8 concludes. Reminiscent Regimen, a new Co-Op event, will take place from August 4 to August 15. The Golden Apple Archipelago serves as the setting for the fascinating tasks that Travelers can take part in alone or with friends in order to compete for prizes.

Check out this guide for information on the Co-Op Only Event, how to obtain the Reminiscent Regimen, how to complete the event’s tasks and all the awards.

Genshin Impact: Reminiscent Regimen Event Guide

What is the Reminiscent Regimen?

The Golden Island Archipelago’s islands are the setting for Reminiscent Regimen, a Co-Op Only Event where you and up to three other players engage in aquatic or airborne challenges.

Players can now participate in the challenges for the Reminiscent Regimen event in Genshin Impact in order to earn 420 Primogems. 

How to Unlock a Reminiscent Regimen?

The “Golden Apple Vacation Returns Event Quest” is accessible to all players Adventurer Rank 32 and higher who have finished the “Summertime Odyssey: I” quest.

You can complete six challenges that become available during the course of the first six days of this event. 

You’ll immediately receive an event quest titled “Any Unsolved Mysteries?” after finishing the prerequisites. You can find a challenge mechanism by following the quest marker to the Golden Apple Archipelago’s central island.

To complete any of the Reminiscent Regimen event challenges, interact with it.

How to Play Reminiscent Regiment?

The stepwise instructions to play Reminiscent Regimen are as follows:

·       Start by going to Center Island!

From August 4 to August 15, the Reminiscent Regimen event will take place. There are three separate themes for each challenge: Descent, Raid, and Convoy.

Every theme has two tasks with a total of six levels, and new levels are unlocked every day.

·       Obtain Every Scoring Target

You must grab the scoring targets or the objectives in order to triumph over your collaborative partner.

You must reach a particular number of points on these goals in order to receive the rewards.

·       Grasp every token to earn points!

Gather as many Reminiscence Tokens as you can since they count toward the scoring goals for all of the tasks!

Use the Return to Challenge Area Button if you chance to venture too far from the challenge area.

·       Descent: Defeat adversaries while falling down

You need to interact with the challenge mechanism at the Reminiscent Regimen Waypoint in the Golden Apple Archipelago in order to complete the Descent challenge.

Select any of the Descent challenges, then click Match to be matched at random with a Co-op team. Before selecting Match, establish a Co-op in your World if you wish to play with pals.

A DPS character is strongly advised because Descent challenges call for enemy defeat.

To find all of the challenge goals, pay attention to the left side of the screen. Additionally, quest marks will tell you which platform you need to move to next.

Gather as many Reminiscence Tokens as you can to boost your score overall and guarantee you receive all of the event benefits.

Remember that before the following set of platforms descends, you must eliminate all adversaries or drive them off the platforms.

Utilize perks like the Aegis of Descent, which resembles a yellow sword. All of the adversaries on the platform will be instantly destroyed if you jump onto it.

You can make more Plunging Attacks by stepping on the green symbols on platforms, which also raises your leaping height.

Last but not least, to spawn at the position of your teammates if you get lost in the event, click the Return to Challenge Area button underneath the challenge objectives.

·       Raid: Utilize Platforms and the Waverider

The Raid challenge won’t be accessible until August 6, the third day of the event. The goal of this challenge is to navigate Waverider to a location while gathering Reminiscence Tokens and eliminating enemies on a moving platform.

By adjusting their Waverider atop the Waverider Mooring Points, players can glide to the floating platform. Players will be assisted in boarding the floating platforms by a wind current produced by this mechanism.

·       Convoy: Safeguard the vessel as it travels to its destination

Players of Genshin Impact may be familiar with the idea of the Convoy challenge because it is quite similar to the daily objective in which they must guard a slime balloon as it travels.

The Driftstone Raft that automatically travels to the final checkpoint must be protected by Travelers in this challenge.

Players must eliminate all of the enemies on floating platforms for a straightforward challenge because they will all attempt to sink the raft from different angles.

In order to refuel the raft’s energy and durability for the duration of the challenge, Travelers must also gather Repair Parts and Drift Energy close to their adversaries.

Keep the Propulsion Device Charged

The raft is propelled by its propulsion device, which must be constantly charged to keep it moving. You can use Drift Energy to refuel the Propulsion Device.

Destroy Ominous Obstacles

The Driftstone Raft will encounter a Dangerous Obstacle, which you must remove to continue the challenge.

Genshin Impact players can earn 420 Primogems and a variety of other rewards by finishing all of the challenges in the Reminiscent Regimen event, which can be claimed from the event page.

How to claim rewards in Genshin Impact’s Reminiscent Regimen event?

Click Challenge Details in the Reminiscent Regimen section of the event menu. Choose the task you finished, then collect your 200, 350, and 500 point awards. By selecting the I button next to Score Details, you can view the challenge score’s progression.

Reminiscence tokens

All of the challenges will include these tokens. Everyone on the squad will receive extra points toward their ultimate score if the team collects a predetermined amount of these.

Reminiscent Regimen Benefits

You can gain points by completing the scoring objectives for each assignment. Your ability to unlock rewards will rely on your final score and which tier requirements you satisfy.

You would receive 40 primogems, some Hero’s Wit, and some Talent levelling materials if you received 200 points, for instance.

Generally speaking, the Reminiscent Regimen event will award the following:

  • Primogems
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Talent level-up materials
  • Mora

You now have all the information you need on the Genshin Impact Reminiscent Regimen event.