Genshin Impact: Realm Of The Southeasterly Winds

October 19, 2022
Check out the Realm of the Southeasterly Winds event in Genshin Impact!

Realm of the Southeasterly Winds is the Domain challenge for Wind Chaser Day 3 in Genshin Impact 3.1 which is active from October 17 until October 31, and it requires Adventure Rank 20 or above. In this event, players have to pass some strange mechanisms and puzzles inside the domain while collecting golden coins and completing time-limited challenges in order to clear the domain.

Keep reading our article and find out everything about the Realm of the Southeasterly Winds in Genshin Impact 3.1!

Realm Of The Southeasterly Winds – Genshin Impact

The Galezone contains strange devices known as Windchurner Nexuses. Activate such devices to cause the AoE of wind currents near the Windchurner Nexus to expand temporarily. The wind currents thus affected will revert back to their original state after a period of time.

The main objectives in this event are:

  • Complete the Galezone
  • Collect a total of 25 Windcoins and reach the destination during a single challenge
  • Complete a total of 3 Windgrasper Challenges and reach the destination during a single challenge

First Windgrasper Challenge

Once you start the event, you will enter the domain and the first you need to do is head right down the stairs and cross the bridge with moving platforms.

Once you pass to the other side, you will see the red stop switch that you need to activate.

From here, you have to navigate south to the left platform where you are going to power nearby wind currents up and activate the green mechanism.

When you activate the green mechanism, you will have to change the wind direction to vertical, and then you can use the wind from it and fly to the upper platform.

In the direction of the wind, you will collect some of the Windcoins, and also on the platform you will find Anemo Particles which are required for the time trial challenge.

When you come down on the third lower platform, wait few second and then it will lift up where you will be able to reach the rest of the Anemo Particles and some also collect some Windcoins.

With this, you will complete the first Time Trial Challenge.

Second Windgrasper Challenge

After completing the first challenge, you have to continue through the big gate where you will come to another area where your Second Windgrasper Challenge will begin.

Here also at the beginning, you have to activate the red stop switch, and then, jump on the platform in front of you.

Here you will see two green mechanisms, one on the left end on the platform and another on the right end of the platform. You need to ignore the one on the left side, and go straight to the right.

While you are on the platform you can collect some of the remain Anemo Particles.

Activate the green mechanism and switch it to vertical wind direction.

It will blow you up and then you can land on the upper platforms where you have to continue your path.

Here you will find another green mechanism that you need to activate, and then use the wind to blow you up and continue to the next platform on your right side.

While you are there, don’t miss any of the Anemo Particles. Also, while you are flying, make sure to collect the Windcoins while flying down toward the platform.

On this platform you will come to the third green mechanism that you need to activate, and make sure to activate it with vertical direction of the wind, so you will be able to collect the Windcoins while it blows you up.

On the other side, you have to land on the bigger platform, where you have to continue up the stairs and get to the following destination on the map.

When you get on top of stairs, you will actually finish the second challenge, and start with the third part of the challenge.

Third Windgrasper Challenge

Once you are here in the new room, you need to turn right through the stairs where you will find additional Windcoins and then at the top, you will come to another room where you will have to fight the Anemo Slimes enemies.

Once you defeat them, they will release four Windcoins for you.

After that, you have to continue back to where you came from.

Here you need to change the wind current direction for three green mechanisms and then activate the mechanism beside the terrace and change the wind current direction.

After you activate the last green mechanism, you have to change it to a horizontal direction so the wind will push the platform in front of it and it will lift down.

Now, you can go all the way back following the path to the room with the enemies, and continue on the platform on your left side where you will find three more Windcoins.

From here just follow the path going up and collect all the Anemo Particles and coins that will be on your way.

Once you come to the upper platform, make sure the other three green mechanisms on the lower platform are activated, because there will appear the rest of the Anemo Particles, and you can collect them while using the vertical direction of the wind from each of the green mechanisms.

You just need to jump down and use the wind of all of the three mechanisms that will blow you up and you will collect the additional 9 Anemo Particles.

These are going to be the last Anemo Particles to collect and with that you will complete the third challenge.

Now, all you need to do is just continue to the platform on the left side as it is shown on the image below, and follow the path in order to collect the rest of the Windcoins and come to the final destination.

You will come to the last green mechanism that you can use to fly vertically and collect the last three Windcoins that are in the air above the platform.

At this point, you will come to the end where you have to interact with the yellow glowing statue and the Realm of the Southeasterly Winds challenge will be completed.

That’s it! That is every step for completing this challenge, and now you can go into your game and start completing it by yourself.