Genshin Impact: Rainbow Aster Location

Genshin Impact has given the player the opportunity to learn new cooking recipes and learn new dishes and drinks. These foods are beneficial due to the fact that they can give you extra statistics buffs for some time. You and your team can use these buffs and be stronger in any scenario. You can obtain these cooking recipes by doing a variety of side quests and challenges!

This guide will show you how to obtain the Rainbos Aster cooking recipe in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Rainbow Aster Location

To obtain this recipe, you must finish the final quest for the Iridory Festival, called “Festival Deeds: Part 2” “About That Time We Saved the Tanuki Photo Board”.

Go to the Ritou, Inazuma location and look for Kimura. Kimura will be found in the middle of the village, right next to a bar.

Speak with him, and you both will go to the bar where Karpillia will award you for the quest that has been completed, and give you the recipe of the Rainbow Aster without soy milk.

Open up your inventory and learn the recipe. You will find the recipe in the Precious Items sections. Once you’ve learned the recipe, go to any cooking station and prepare your drink.

The Rainbow Aster will decrease the stamina deplete by gliding and sprinting for all party members by 15 – 25% for 900seconds. In Co-Op mode, this effect only applies to your own character.

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