Genshin Impact: Pro Difficulty Time to Shine

June 14, 2022
It is time for Pro Difficulty in Time to Shine soundtrack in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that allows players to control one of four interchangeable characters in a party. Switching between characters can be done quickly during combat, allowing the player to use several different combinations of skills and attacks. The game is filled with many challenging events that sometimes players will have a really hard time to pass them. Time to Shine is an unreleased soundtrack that has 3 difficulties.

In this guide, we will show you Pro Difficulty in Time to Shine soundtrack in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact: Pro Difficulty Time to Shine

First of all, you have to go and talk to Genta, Arataki Drumalong Festival Welcome Ambassador. He will ask you if you are ready for your Drumalong performance.

You have to select “It’s showtime” to start the performance.

Once you are in, you can choose Time to Shine, and there will be 3 difficulties, Normal, Hard, and Pro, each of them with different rewards upon completion.

We will focus on the Pro Difficulty.

This even is pretty funny, but it might be hard if you have slow fingers. There is a soundtrack that lasts for a specific time, and yellow balls will start to move towards the button bar. There are a total of 6 buttons on your keyboard A, S, D, J, K, and L that you have to press on when one or more yellow balls come to the exact press button on the screen.

Make sure to press the buttons in time to score higher points, and also, sometimes you have to make a combo by pressing more buttons at the same time.

There are also purple balls that give more points and increase your combo while they are active for pressing on the bar, which means, keep on pressing the selected buttons while the purple line is still active.