Genshin Impact: Over Peaks Scene 1 2 3 Guide

Over Peaks is a brand new scene that has been added with the latest Genshin Impact update. In this update, you have a lot of new content as well as a brand new map. These scenes can help players obtain a ton of interesting items from treasure chests. Over Peaks allows you to move different objects and guide the character towards the treasure chests.

In this guide, you will see how you can solve the Over Peaks Scenes for Genshin Impact.

Over Peaks Scene 1 2 3 Guide

Over Peaks Scene 1

To solve the first over peaks scene you are required to move the top left block that has green wind blowing towards the bottom right block which has thorns on it. Once done, your character will move towards the wind and make his way at the treasure chest.

Over Peaks Scene 2

The second scene is slightly trickier. You need to press the first button that is close to the chest so you unlock the top left block.

When the character presses the button, move the air block to the top right block and wait for your character to step on it. Once he is there, you can drag the air block towards the bottom left side and you will obtain the treasure chest.

Over Peaks Scene 3

For this scene, you need to wait for the character to get onto the air block and move it to the top right corner so he presses the button when he makes it down.

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The next step is to get the character to the top left position as he stands on the air block just so he switches his direction from left to right.

Once the direction of the character has been changed, all you need to do now is to take him back with the air block to the bottom center area and he will be on his way to obtain the loot from the chest.

We really hope this guide helped you solve all 3 over peak scenes in Genshin Impact and allowed you to get all of the available loot.