Genshin Impact: Old Insignia Location

July 15, 2022
Check out this guide to find the location of Old Insignia in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact 2.8 includes The Old Insignia as an Event material (item). The Discarded Insignia quest in Genshin Impact may require the use of the Old Insignia. The Pudding Isle of Golden Apple Archipelago is where you can find it, however, the quest is not yet available. 

Old Insignia resembles a Fatui insignia, but it has numerous scratches on it. Everything the player needs to know about where to find and how to use this common quest item can be found here.

Genshin Impact: Old Insignia Location

Where to find The Old Insignia?

Old Insignia, an event item, was discovered on Midsummer Island in Genshin Impact. Also, the Old Insignia can be discovered at Golden Apple Archipelago for Version 2.8

Investigate the shimmering area in Pudding Isle south of the beach to obtain the Old Insignia. The Old Insignia is located on Puddling Isle. For the precise location, see the map below.

How to use Old Insignia?

Although it isn’t yet available, the Old Insignia quest item might be used for Golden Apple Archipelago’s The Discarded Insignia quest.