Genshin Impact: Nahida Harvesting Items Skill

Alongside Genshin Impact’s Version 3.2 update is the introduction of the loveable Dendro Archon, Nahida, which is shaping up to be the game’s most unique character to date. On top of her incredibly unique Passive Skills, the cute green-loving character can also reportedly harvest items much faster and more efficiently than any other character in the game. This alone should make her a worthwhile pull for any Genshin players out there.

In this guide, we will be looking at Nahida’s harvesting items skill: how it works, and the items she can easily take.

Nahida Harvesting Items Skill – Genshin Impact

Much like Kazuha and Venti, Nahida’s Elemental skill can be extremely useful even outside combat encounters. In her case, she can use her skill to efficiently harvest various items players may find in the open world.

Gameplay footage shows that Nahida can aim her Elemental skill at harvestable plants, for example, Mint plant, from a distance and then grab them. It is said that she can grab up to four items at a time this way.

This makes it so that you won’t have to annoyingly climb up sheer cliffs and rooftops just to grab a couple of resources every time.

Being a Dendro Archon, it is understandable that the items she can easily harvest using her skill are primarily plants, in addition to certain ascension and Talent materials required to build other characters.

To use this very convenient ability of Nahida, simply hold the Elemental skill button while using her and she should go to Aiming Mode where you will be given a maximum of 5 seconds to lock down the items you would want to collect. Releasing the skill will automatically siphon them to you.

Take note that this skill is primarily used to deal Dendro damage to enemies, harvesting items using it is just an extra – albeit a very useful one.

With all that being said, Nahida is truly shaping up to be Genshin Impact’s most unique character.

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