Genshin Impact: Misplaced Conch Locations

September 13, 2022
Time to collect all three misplaced conches in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game where players must complete various quests and missions to progress. This guide will tell you all the locations of the Misplaced Conch in the game.

Genshin Impact: Misplaced Conch Locations

As you explore the Golden Apple Archipelago, you will need to collect three Misplaced Conches which will be required for a quest that is yet to be released.

1st Misplaced Conch location

The first conch can be found in the Minacious Isle near a rock west of the island at the player location shown above.

Collecting this conch will give you the projection of the Geochanter Bracer in the game.

2nd Misplaced Conch location

The second Misplaced Conch is located in the Broken Isle inside a cave where the custom pin

is set above.

Enter this cave and then defeat the enemies present there until you reach the end of the cave.

Access this door after you reach the dead end and you will be teleported to a different area.

Here, you will find the second conch lying on this little lamp where the chest is located and it will give you the projection of Mirror Maiden.

3rd Misplaced Conch location

Finally, the third conch can be found in Twinning Isle on this small patch on the right corner of the island.

Here you will find an interesting well surrounded by three thirsty Night Ravens.

After you talk to all three of them, select the option to throw a stone inside the well.

The third Misplaced Conch will appear and you will be able to collect it to see the projection of Electrohammer Vanguard.

That’s it, you have successfully managed to collect all the three misplaced conches in the game!