Genshin Impact: Misplaced Conch 1 Location

July 15, 2022
This walkthrough explains where to locate Misplaced Conch 1 in Genshin Impact!

It’s finally time for the Golden Apple Archipelago! The Genshin Impact is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. There are many things to learn, yet some are hidden or secret. There are six imaging conchs and eight echoing conchs nearby. This Misplaced Conch 1 is an Imaging Conch. 

This article will discuss where to look for the Misplaced Conch 1 and how to locate it. Let’s wait and see how the plot develops. 

Genshin Impact: Misplaced Conch 1 Location

The new Golden Apple Archipelago narrative can only be completed after locating the Misplaced Conch 1 on the map. Simply follow the map given in this instruction since you won’t be informed where to go. It is merely a pick-up-the-item quest that will reveal and untangle some of the knowledge and mythology of the universe.

 Visit Minacious Isle

You only need to travel and sail to the Minacious Isle to find this Misplaced Conch. This is the location that may be found on the map’s far southwest side. You’ll need to board a sailboat from one of the constructions along the shorelines to get there. This island is located directly south of Broken Isle and directly west of Pudding Isle.

Climbing Minacious Isle might appear like a difficult task. The arch-shaped peak is on the western edge of the Minacious Isle. To get to the mountain’s summit, start climbing one of the rock pillars.

Simply traveling to the island’s furthest westernmost point will let you locate this hidden-object puzzle.

Engage with the Quest Item.

Simply approach it and engage with it when you notice it. A cut scene that reveals some information about the history of this brand-new world will begin to play. You’ll need to pay attention to two sets of projections as they converse with one another. The item will then appear in your inventory after that.

Before time runs out, make sure you locate it and take the loot. There is no need to hurry because you have about 40 days to find it even though it is a temporary quest event.

Congratulations! You’ve discovered an item that was difficult to locate because it was cleverly concealed on the map and you’ve gained knowledge about this new Archipelago.