Genshin Impact: Kazuha Farming Guide

July 6, 2022
Check out this Kazuha farming guide to prepare yourself for the 2.8 update!

Genshin Impact’s upcoming 2.8 update called Summer Fantasia is rumoured to feature a Kazuha banner along with other changes. In this guide, we will tell you how to farm Kazuha to prepare for the upcoming update.

Genshin Impact: Kazuha Farming Guide

To obtain Kazuha’s boss materials which will need to ascend him, you will need to visit Maguu Kenki found in the Inazuma region.

You will need to fight him to get 46 of his Marionette Cores to fully ascend Kazuha to level 90

As far as Kazuha’s world materials are concerned, you will need to collect the Sea Ganoderma which are scattered across the Inazuma region. To get Kazuha to level 90, you will need to collect 168 Ganodermas.

To find Kazuha’s mob drop materials, you will need to farm Treasure Hoarders which are located all across Tevyat.

For the talent book, you will need to visit Taishan Mansion on either Tuesday, Friday or Sunday.

Here you will find the Teachings of Diligence.

To find Kazuha’s Dungeon Boss materials, you will need to visit Beneath the Dragon Queller which gets unlocked after completing Zhang Lee’s part 2 story quest.

You will need to defeat this boss to collect some Gilded Scales which are required for ascending Kazuha’s talent past level 6.

Your best weapon choice for Kazuha will be the Freedom Sword which will be a part of the upcoming banner.

If you are free to play player or have a low budget then the Iron Sting can be a good option.

For Kazuha’s Artifact set, you will need to farm the Viridescent Venerer domain to obtain the 4-piece Viridescent on him.

As far as the Artifact substance is concerned, you will need 3 elemental mastery pieces on both his hat, circlet and sands.

For Kazuha’s talent priorities, you will need to focus and prioritise his E skill first then his burst and finally his normal attacks. His normal attacks are optional but can help you get a boost when you doing a dive with him.

That’s it, now go ahead and farm these items for Kazuha to prepare for the 2.8 update!