Genshin Impact: How To Use Treasure-Seeking Seelie

September 2, 2022
Here you can learn How to Use Treasure-Seeking Seelie in Genshin Impact!

Treasure-Seeking Seelie is an event gadget from the recurring event Lost Riches that is used to search for Iron Coins. It can be obtained from the Event Quest involving Ulman. While the event is on, some players are still asking how to use it in order to find the Iron Coins, and that’s why we gathered all the info to help you with using the Treasure-Seeking Seelie.

This guide will show you How to Use Treasure-Seeking Seeline in Genshin Impact.

How To Use Treasure-Seeking Seelie in Genshin Impact

Before you start, you need to check the treasure map within Ulman’s Treasure book. Follow the map to reach the are where the treasure is buried.

Ulman will mark out 1 new area in the book each day, for a total of 6 treasure areas.

If you equip the Treasure-Seeking Seelie from your Inventory, you can summon it when in a treasure area. However, if you are not in a treasure area, the Treasure-Seeking Seelie will not answer your summons.

This book will bring to many Treasure Areas in Genshin Impact.

Once you locate the treasure, make your way there. With the Treasure-Seeking Seelie equipped, you need to search around the circle on the mini-map and look for the 3 blue orbs around.

Have to know that some of them might be in the air and others on the ground.

Once you get all 3 of them, you will get a note that the Treasure-Seeking Seelie located a treasure area.

This means that in the nearby area, there is a blue glowing light coming out from the ground where you have to go and start a challenge.

Once you start the challenge, you will need to collect energy near the treasure area.

To do it, you have to defeat the enemies that are spawned and collect the energy that they will drop.

After you collect all the energy, you will complete the challenge, and you will be able to dig the ground where an Exquisite Chest will appear for you.

Open the chest and you will obtain a plenty of Iron Coins.

Once you get this chest, you have to wait for another treasure area in the book and repeat the same method in order to find even more Iron Coins.