Genshin Impact: How To Use Misplaced Conch 1

July 16, 2022
Now it's time to learn about the usage of Misplaced Conch 1 in Ginshin Impact!

Misplaced Conch 1 is an event quest item that can be used by the player for winning the Golden Apple Archipelago’s “A Misplaced Conch” quest, but it is not yet accessible. Picking up the Imaging Conch at the peak of the mountain in Minacious Isle will provide you access to the Misplaced Conch 1.

Genshin Impact: How To Use Misplaced Conch 1

There is a tonne of fresh stuff in the game Genshin Impact. new characters, weapons, missions, and, of course, regions are just a few examples.

However, in the case of the last one, it would be more correct to state that it is receiving a repeat of a section of the game world that was previously playable for a brief period of time. None other than the renowned Golden Apple Archipelago is present here. 

The Misplaced Conch has recently been discovered there by players who have begun to re-explore the area. But how do you use it? We’re here to find out the answer to that.

Usage of Misplaced Conch 1

The Misplaced Conch’s description reads, “This Imaging Conch should have been placed somewhere else, but was abandoned here by someone, causing it to project images out of their intended order. 

If you put things back where it belongs, you never know what you could discover. Although it doesn’t seem like you can do much with the Misplaced Conch at this point of time. 

Once that quest begins, you’ll probably need to return it to the Hydrogunner Legionnaire at Broken Isle. Since other Conches will undoubtedly become available in the coming days, we can aptly refer to this one as Misplaced Conch 1.