Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Guest Challenges TCG Cards

December 8, 2022
The brand new TCG cards are available in Genshin Impact! Let’s see how you can unlock Guest Challenges and play.

Genshin Impact has just dropped the newest game mode which is the TCG cards. Here you get to unlock brand-new cards with different characters that have different stats. A strategy board game that will require you to be patient and strike at the right moment. You can also play with your friends and different characters in the game to earn more rewards!

This guide will show you how you can unlock guest challenges in Genshin Impact TCG Cards.

How To Unlock Guest Challenges TCG Cards

To unlock the challenges, you need to first reach Player Level 2 and head over to Mondstadt at the bridge.

Set the time to at least 09:30 AM just so that Timmie appears on the bridge who is one of the certified players.

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Speak with Timmie and challenge him to a duel.

Once you challenge Timmie to a duel, you will have to complete three of his challenges, they are:

  • Achieve Victory
  • Achieve Victory Within 5 Rounds
  • Win With Less Than 2 Characters Defeated

Once Timmie has been defeated, you will be rewarded with the Guest Challenges. During these guest challenges, you get to compete against more skilled characters that can help you earn more Player EXP and also get you a ton of Lucky Coins.

We hope this guide helped you figure out how you can unlock the guest challenges in Genshin Impact TCG. Good luck with your upcoming battles hero!