Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport

August 25, 2022
These waypoints are getting harder and harder to find, aren’t they?

The 3.0 update really added a lot of new features to Genshin Impact, things like quests, items, bosses and other resources, but to get to them you need to unlock certain waypoints, but it seems that a lot of players are having a hard time trying to find these waypoints because they’re hidden in very weird and hard to reach spots but don’t you worry we’ve got you covered!

Stick around to find out how to Unlock Apam Woods Teleport!

How To Unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport

As part of the new 3.0 update, a portion of the map was added, the portion called Apam Woods, a new area with a very mesmerizing scenery and a very interesting big Fungi-infested Forest theme to go along with it.

In this area, there is a hard to reach Waypoint that is located underground, a waypoint that many players new and veterans of the game struggle to find but don’t worry because we will help you.

To get to this waypoint you will first need to start the Varuna Gatha Quest Line and to do that you will need to travel to this point of the map.

After that, you will have to head west down the hill where you will find a character called Arapandu, a little mushroom who’s being attacked by a couple of enemies. Kill the enemies to start the quest.

Once the quest is started you will have to run a few errands for Arapandu and one of the errands has you going to this area of Apam Woods.

Once here you will find a big hole in the ground supposedly a root hole, the quest will make you go down that hole and you will proceed to go deeper in the hole until you reach a big open area.

Once you enter that big open area that is a part of the quest the waypoint will appear on the left side of the entrance.

After spotting the Waypoint you will have to approach it and press your use key in order to activate it. And that is pretty much it you can then teleport to this location for a plethora of reasons since a lot of enemies can spawn here it is a good place to farm XP and other resources.