Genshin Impact: How To Open The Password Protected Door In Land Of Upper Setekh

September 29, 2022
Here you can learn How To Open the Password Protected Door in Land of Upper Setekh in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact 3.1 is here and now players can experience a completely new Desert area in Sumeru. There are a lot of new content filled with new quests, areas to explore, many new bosses and enemies to defeat, and earn tons of rewards. In some of the quests, you will need to solve some puzzles in order to unlock the next phase of the quest.

There is one password-protected door, that you have to find a way to open it. But it’s not that easy if you don’t know the password or where to find it. That’s why keep on reading our guide and find the password for the protected door in Genshin Impact!

How To Open The Password Protected Door In Land Of Upper Setekh – Genshin Impact

The big locked door from the ruin is located in the south part of the Desert area between The Dune of Elusion and the Valley of Dahri.

It is a part of a quest in which you have to find the password that will open the gate and you will be able to enter the ruin.

The only way that you can find the password is from one of the soldiers patrolling the road around the ruin.

All you need to do I follow the female enemy that is patrolling the area next to the door until she mentions the password.

Stay close to her and she will start talking and bring you some clues.

Be patient until she reaches the camp, then in her conversation, she will start to remember the password and keep on repeating it to her.

After that, she will confirm the password and it will be: Marg bar parvezravan.

Now, once you know the password, go back to the big password-protected door and interact with the cube rock.

In the conversation with the cube rock, you have to select the first option, the same as the password, Marg bar parverzavan.

After that the big gate will open and you can continue exploring into the ruin.