Genshin Impact: How to Make Tart Brilliance (UPDATED)

March 17, 2022
Check to guide to serve the Tart Brilliance tea in Genshin Impact!

Genshit Impact has recently added a bartending event in the latest update which has become very popular in the community. Players can earn various rewards by serving as a bartender in the Angel Share tavern. In this guide, we will tell you the recipe for the Tart Brilliance drink in the game

How to Make Tart Brilliance – Genshin Impact

The Tart Brilliance tea is a classic black tea that is slightly sweet and sour to the taste. In order to create this delicious tea, you will require two parts of tea for the foundation and one lemon for the flavouring.

Customers will often request you to serve this tea in a small or medium cup. You need to watch for the keywords “refreshing sweet and sour taste” by the customer during the request to serve the Tart brilliance. As a part of the challenge, you will need to create it using the original recipe of 2 teas and 1 lemon or if customers want it to be “extra sour” then you will need to add one more lemon to it. This will result in a tea consisting of 2 teas and 2-3 lemons. It is one of the drinks that will be requested during Stage 4: Perfect Bartender!

That’s it, you have now obtained the recipe for the Tart Brilliance tea. Now go ahead and serve this delicious tea to your customers!