Genshin Impact: How to get ALL New Craftable Weapons Sumeru

August 26, 2022
Do you need some help crafting?

As a part of the new sumeru update that got released with Genshin Impact 3.0 a lot of new things were added and one of the most notable things added are the new free to play craftable weapons, these weapons can be used by some characters and as stated are they are completely free the only thing you would need to do is a specific trade in order to get the blueprints.

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Genshin Impact: How to get ALL New Craftable Weapons Sumeru

Getting the new weapons is a pretty easy thing to do but first you have to have a portion of the map unlocked. The new Aranara Region of the map where you will be able to find an NPC that’s trading for them.

After you beat the World of Aranara Questline you will have to travel to Aranara and find this root that you will have to serenade in order to activate the land turning into a sort of dreamland.

After that you will have to go north to the cottage in the middle of a waterfall on the right side of the cottage you will see a cave, enter it and continue going deeper until you reach the Tree of Dreams.

From there you will need to proceed right from the entrance where you will find an NPC named Aravinay.

When conversing with this NPC you will ask him to tell you the stories of the adventures with Aranara in order to get the weapon blueprints from Aravinay you will need to get Special items called Stories of You and Aranara, there are five stories each for one weapon.

The Stories are gathered when you finish a main quest from the Sumeru. Once all the Stories are gathered you can exchange them for the Blueprints. After buying all the blueprints you will need to travel to the Sumeru City where you can use the blueprints to craft the weapons at the Blacksmith.

After that you will need to go to the crafting bench and exchange old items for the new Midlander items.

And that is how you get the new Free to Play Weapons in Genshin Impact, these weapons prove to be very useful in the new Sumeru region of the map, easy to use and very helpful for dealing with enemies and puzzles.

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