Genshin Impact: Help Tighnari Clear the Withering Zone Quest

August 24, 2022
You need help clearing out the withering zone? No worries we got you covered!

With the new 3.0 update that was recently released for Genshin Impact came a lot of new features, like new biomes, characters, abilities and most importantly quests and one of these quests is to help Tighnari clear out a withered zone. Withering is a new type of biome changing effect added in this update as a part of the new portion of the map and this quest is your first encounter.

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Genshin Impact: Help Tighnari Clear the Withering Zone Quest

The premise and main goal of the quest is very simple. The only thing you need to do is to clear out a small Withered zone for Tighnari. Very simple and yet many players struggle with this because of the new mechanic surrounding Dendrograna.

The Dendrograna is a type of root in Genshin Impact. It is part of the new 3.0 update. It’s main mechanic is used in puzzles since to use it you first need to collect it and then shoot charged shots at withered branches or other puzzle entities.

So the whole point of this quest is to show the player how to use the Dendrograna, when you enter the withered area all you need to do is gather Dendrograna and shoot charged shots at the withered branches whilst also avoiding enemies.

When all the enemies and Withered branches are destroyed the only thing left to do is to destroy the Withered Tumor which you do by approaching I and pressing your use key.

That is pretty much how you beat this quest. A pretty much very easy quest to beat since it’s main purpose is to teach the player about the new Dendrograna and how it’s used in combat and puzzles.

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