Genshin Impact: Follow The Aura Trail & Find Ingredients Guide

September 27, 2021
There is a quest on the Moonchase Tales which kept players tip-toeing around.

I’m talking about the “Contraption-Contrived Cooking Course”. This quest is quite an unusual one, at least radically different compared to the ones, or the style which we’re used to by now. Basically, players will need to follow an aura to find ingredients for the cooking course with the Cloud Retainer. But which aura should you follow, what does it look like?

Follow The Aura Trail & Find Ingredients Guide – Genshin Impact

First of all, you’ll need to travel to the Cloud Retainer, who is situated near the Huaguang Stone Forests. Just travel to the first fast travel point there.

Once you get there, speak with the Cloud Retainer to start the quest. You’ll have to find the ingredients for the first objective. You’ll have to follow the aura which looks like:

All of those arrows point to what the aura looks like. It looks like swivel white lines going through the air. It is easy to see it once you jump off the pillar. At the moment it is unclear whether to where the aura leads is different for every player or not.

What is not different though, is how you get the ingredients. Soon enough, by following the aura you’ll come across Anemo Slimes. They have eaten the ingredients.

So, to take back the ingredients, you’ll need to take down all of those Anemo Slimes you find. After that, go back to the Cloud Retainer. You can move on to the next objective now.

The next objective will be cooking three pots of some dish, but it has to be done using that weird contraption that the Cloud Retainer has.