Genshin Impact: Finish Acting Out The Prologue Quest

July 19, 2022
Time to watch an interesting play in the theater in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game where players must complete various quests and missions to progress. This guide will tell you how to complete the Finishing out Prologue objective in the game.

Genshin Impact: Finish Acting Out The Prologue Quest

As a part of the “Drama Phantasmorgia: Tale of the Sword-Wielding Princess!” quest, you will be given an objective to finish acting out the prologue.

To start the first half of the show, you will need to interact with the wooden notice board in front of it and select the Watch First Half option.

The curtain will be lifted from the stage and the narrator will start telling you about the story.

Next, you will need to help the “evil dragon” that appears in front of the stage and help him reach the stage.

Interact with him and choose the “Help actor take the stage” option and place it in the spotlight where the light is shining by selecting the “Confirm Actor Placement” option.

Now, wait and watch the play as it continues the story ahead. After the first half of the play is over, the curtains will draw and a chest will appear for you to collect.

Sit on the bench in the front row and then talk to Xinyan to continue the quest further.

Go back to the wooden notice board and select the watch second half option.

The curtain on the stage will be lifted again and the second half of the story will begin. Three actors will appear behind the stage and you listen to their stories and help them reach the stage.

Interact with the actor on the left and place him in the spotlight area on the stage.

You will need to do these for all the three actors one by one to hear their stories. After placing the actor on the left, you will need to help the actor on the right and then the one in the middle.

The second half of the play will soon be over and you will receive an Exquisite Chest this time.

After you have collected the chest, talk to the Theater Head standing next to it.

The first part of the quest will be completed and the Theater Head will tell you that there are 4 more acts that you can watch.

That’s it, you have successfully completed the Finishing out the Prologue quest in the game!