Genshin Impact: Find A Way To Enter The Robot

September 29, 2022
Investigate the mysterious titanic robot in Genshin Impact.

Version 3.1 for Genshin Impact has finally arrived. Now players are ready to see the amazing deserts of western Sumeru. The 3.1 version update expands Sumeru westwards, changing the lush forest landscapes with that of grand wondrous deserts. The sands of the desert hide many secrets of the past including pyramid like structures and a gigantic robot similar to the one found in the forests of Sumeru. Investigating the robot is not as straightforward as you might think, you’ll have to find a way inside it first.

Here is a guide on how to find a way to enter the robot in Genshin Impact.

Find A Way To Enter The Robot – Genshin Impact

Investigating the robot can be dangerous.

When you arrive at the area and get into the line of sight of the robot, it will lock onto you and shoot a laser at you if don’t keep moving.

You can use this to your advantage however.

To the right of the long passage is a destructible rock that you can determine using your elemental sight.

All you have to do is stay there for a few moments and dodge out of the way when the robot fires its laser. That will open up a cave that leads into the robot.