Genshin Impact: Complete Zhiqiong’s Commission

March 30, 2022
Time to complete Zhiqiong’s commission.

The Chasm Spelunkers quest is a quest that you need to complete a commission for Zhiqiong. Once you have entered The Chasm’s lower layers, all the infrastructural works will let you see how amazing that place used to be. Explore the area and see what you can find!

This guide will show you how to complete Zhiqiong’s commission in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Complete Zhiqiong’s Commission

The quest will take place at the entrance of The Chasm. You will see it marked with a blue waypoint on the map.

To get to the exact location for the quest, follow the red arrow that is pointed on the image. You will need to climb giant walls in order to get to wooden infrastructural builds.

Make sure to bring food that gives you additional extra stamina, so you stay on that wall longer.

Once you have reached the quest marked area, you will enter a small tight cave that had a railway system once.

Right before you enter the area, you will see a golden mark in front of you and Zhiqiong will ask you to take a picture of the area for investigational reasons.

After taking the pictures, two monsters will spawn on your path. 1 orange and 1 blue monster. After they have been defeated, move deeper into the cave.

As you move deeper, you and Zhiqiong will notice a female figure running away from you.

Your next objective will be to go to the campsite where there are treasure hoarders to investigate the area.

Drop down and defeat all the treasure hoarders to see who they have imprisoned.

After opening the cage, you will meet Citopho. Clitopho will warn you that there is another treasure hoarder camp just south of this location.

There you will find a cannon that treasure hoarders are trying to use to get inside The Chasm.

Your investigation will continue on the western side of the map where you need to enter the storehouse of the treasure hoarders and look for more clues.

Doing all these steps will finish the quest, and your new journey will begin at their camp.