Genshin Impact: Collect 3 ores in the wild Guide

Genshin Impact comes with a new event that requires collecting 3 ores in the Wild by mining with the Material Collector equipped. Everything starts at the toymaker Bertrand who needs your help finding the 3 ores for him to proceed further. These materials can be also purchased by different vendors, but the event requires finding them in the wild of Genshin Impact. If you have a hard time completing this task, you are on the right place to locate the best place to get the 3 ores.

In this guide, we will show you How to Collect 3 ores in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact: Collect 3 ores in the wild Guide

To be able to collect the ores, firstly you have to unlock the Source Material Collection part of the event by completing the Toymaking We Shall Go World Quest. Once you are done, you can equip the Material Collector that is needed to collect the three ores.

You have to go to Ritou and talk to Bertrand who will give you the Material Collector. This item can be found in the gadget section of your inventory which looks like a black and gold cylinder.

Equip the Material Collector and carry out the collection of required materials. Once you collect all the required materials, the progress of the collector will increase, and after it reaches 100% you will be able to enter the next process.

All you need to do is to break open any three mineral sparkling nodes that can be found all around the map of Genshin Impact. Once you find them, make sure to hit them until they dispense its ores.

The ores that you have to collect in order to complete this event include Crystal, Iron, White Iron, Magic Crystal, Electro Crystal, Star Silver, Midnight Jade, Crystal Bone Marrow, Cor Lapis and Amethyst.

The easiest way to break the mineral nodes is by using a character with a claymore because they can destroy it in one hit.

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