Genshin Impact: All The Dune Of Elusion Dendroculus Puzzles

With the new update of Genshin Impact comes a completely new Desert area that hides many secrets and puzzles for players to explore and solve. While going around the map, you will come to many different Dunes, some of them underground and some on the surface, but the most interesting part is the puzzle behind them. If you have a hard time getting all the Dune of Elusion Dendroculus, then we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we will show you All The Dune of Elusion Dendroculus Puzzles in Genshin Impact!

All The Dune Of Elusion Dendroculus Puzzles – Genshin Impact

Dendroculus #1

First Dendroculus can be found on the marked location in the image below.

It is actually located on top of the tree which is standing on one of the ledges on the side of the big cliff. To get there you can actually go to the upper portion of the mountain and then fly directly down to the location on the map.

You can easily see the tree and the Dendroculus from the top, and just land directly on the tree and you will obtain it for you.

Dendroculus #2

The second Dendroculus can be found on top of the Dune of Elusion Pyramid. Check the image below for the exact location on the map.

You can go around the entrance of the pyramid and climb up the wall. Go up until you come to the middle of the pyramid and here you will find your second Dendoculus.

Dendroculus #3

This Dendroculus is very simple to obtain because it is located exactly in the middle of the desert. Check the image below for the exact location on the map.

Once you get there, you will notice that the Dendroculus is protected by a shield and you won’t be able to approach it. To remove the shield, you have to light up the tree small pillars around it.

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After that, you will be able to approach and obtain your Dendroculus.

Dendroculus #4

For the last Dendroculus, you need to go to the same location where you found the precious one. Here, you will see a cave in which you have to go and start looking for the Dendroculus.

Check the image below for the exact location on the map.

Once you get into the cave, make your way straight until you come to the platform at the end of the hallway, which is actually an elevator that you need to activate and go down to the lower level of the cave.

Once you get down, you have to use one more platform that will come up even from the lower level. So, use the elevator one more time and go one more level down into the cave.

You will come to a big room with a huge statue on the wall. Here you have to turn left and go forward through the stairs.

The stairs will bring you to a small room with an air flow platform where you have to jump on and fly to the upper platform.

Once you land on the upper platform, follow the stairs that go up the cave and just continue straight following the path.

In this place, you have to go to the other side of the big room and then enter the small room in the front where you will find another elevator platform that will bring you up.

Once you get up with this elevator platform, you will find the fourth Dendroculus in front of you.

That’s it! These are all four Dendroculus that you can obtain and solve the puzzle in the Dune of Elusion. Now, go into your game and start searching for them.