Genshin Impact: All “The Afterparty” Chest Locations (All Fecund Hampers)

October 6, 2022
Celebrate the Weinlesefest in Genshin Impact!

The 3.1 update  for Genshin Impact has arrived and with it is the Weinlesefest festival event for Mondstadt. This event is filled with lots of fun side quests and freebies for all participating players. There’s even a treasure hunting portion called the Fecund Hampers, where multiple NPCs hide a treasure chest somewhere in Mondstadt and leave a message and a clue about where it is.

Here’s a guide on all of the Afterparty chest locations in Genshin Impact.

All “The Afterparty” Chest Locations (All Fecund Hampers) – Genshin Impact

There are a total of 8 chests that can be found, thankfully they are all located somewhere in Mondstadt. Finding the chests isn’t too difficult as their icon will appear once you are close to them.

Chest #1

The first chest can be found on top of the hill overlooking Springvale.

Chest #2

The second chest is near the Weinlesefest stage, just behind the notice board.

Chest #3

The third chest is located at the waterfall found to the south of Springvale.

Chest #4

The fourth chest is right next to Brooke’s house in Springvale.

Chest #5

The fifth chest is at the huge tree in Windrise.

Chest #6

The sixth chest is at a red tent to the south of the huge tree in Windrise.

Chest #7

The seventh chest is by the entrance of the Dawn Winery.

Chest #8

The final chest is by one of the houses to the south of Dawn Winery.

And that’s all the locations of the chests in the Afterparty portion for Fecund Hampers!