Genshin Impact: All Samudra Coast Luxurious Chests

April 13, 2023
Check out this guide to find all the luxurious chests in the Samudra coast region!

Genshin Impact has received a new 3.6 update called “A Parade of Providence”, adding new areas, banners, story quests, and more. Like other games, you can find luxurious chests in different parts of the Genshin Impact that will provide you with 10 Primogems and some other useful rewards. These luxurious chests are scattered all over the game’s map and are easy to find.

This guide will tell you the location of all 2 luxurious chests found in the Samudra Coast region.

All Samudra Coast Luxurious Chests

The first luxurious chest can be found at the upper left corner of the map at the location shown above. Head over to the small island in the sea highlighted by the marker.

Defeat the enemies present in the area and you will be able to collect the luxurious chest present near the sand dune.

The 2nd luxurious chest can be found towards the end of the Khaverna’s Light Show Nirodha quest. In order to find this chest, you will need to head over to the marked location above near the Asipattravana Swamp.

Once you reach there, head inside the tunnel and then go straight instead of taking the stairs on your left to enter the Madinat-Al-Nuhas.

Follow the orange-coloured pathway puzzle until you reach the very end of the quest. Inside the tunnel, you will find the 2nd Luxurious chest waiting for you.

That’s it, you have successfully found all the luxurious chest in the Samudra Coast region!

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