Genshin Impact: All Safhe Shatranj Sacred Seal Locations

January 18, 2023
It’s seal hunting time baby. Let’s look around Safhe Shatranj.

Genshin Impact is filled with different bosses and puzzles that are all located in different part of all maps. These bosses and puzzles hold great secrets and can help you obtain various high-quality items that can benefit the player in many ways. Sometimes you may even unlock a luxurious chest that is filled with goodies!

Today in this guide, you will see where All Safhe Shatranj Sacred Seals are located in Genshin Impact.

All Safhe Shatranj Sacred Seal Locations

The sacred seals are what you need to first obtain in order to be able to activate the Primal Obelisk. In the text below, we will show you all sacred seal locations as well as where you can find and activate the Safhe Shatrani Primal Obelisk.

First Sacred Seal Location

You will be able to find the first seal just next to the giant pyramid that has a big blue shiny eye on top. There is a broken bridge on the side as well as the sacred seal there.

Second Sacred Seal

The second sacred seal is just behind the pyramid. Very close from the first one.

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Third, Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Sacred Seals

All of the four next sacred seals are really close to each other. On the map you will find them pretty easily.

Safhe Shatranj Primal Obelisk

To get to this Primal Obelisk, you want to get to the eastern part of the Safhe Shatranj area.

From there, you want to go west until you make it to the highest point, as marked on the image below.

As you make your way to the top point. You will see the primal obelisk, get close to it and interact with it by marking the sacred seals.

And there you have it. That is where all sacred seals are located for the Primal Obelisk in Safhe Shatranj in Genshin Impact.