Genshin Impact: All Safhe Shatranj Falling Sand Pools Puzzles

With the upcoming update that has recently been added to Genshin Impact. Many players get to experience a brand new story as well as complete various puzzles and learn about new secret events. The story revolves mainly in the desert and there you will be able to find a ton of new content that can get you great rewards once you complete certain events.

This guide will show you how you can complete all Safhe Shatranj Falling Sand Pool Puzzles in Genshin Impact.

All Safhe Shatranj Falling Sand Pools Puzzles

First Falling Sand Pool Puzzle

You can find this first puzzle near the higher side of the area. The primal obelisk is also here.

Once you make your way to here, you will find the puzzle. On the image below, we will show you exactly which sides of the pools you need to hit in order to complete the whole puzzle.

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Second Falling Sand Pool Puzzle

The second puzzle is just west from the previous one. Once you make it to this area, you will need to make four shots in the exact spots marked in the image below.

Third Falling Sand Pool Puzzle

This third sand pool puzzle is located at the very west part of the map. Just by the teleport waypoint. In the images below we will show you exactly where you need to shoot in order to unlock the secret chest and complete the puzzle.

Fourth Sand Pool Puzzle Guide (Luxurious Chest)

This one is deep inside the ruins on the east part of the map. Once you make your way there, you will see on the wall two pools.

On one side, a pool will show you exactly how the sand is filled. On that pool, you can’t mess with the sand. Here you need to replicate exactly where the sand needs to go on the left side of the wall.

Look at the image below which will show you exactly where to shoot in order to solve this puzzle and get the luxurious chest.

Once you’ve filled only the center pool, a couple of monsters will spawn. Kill them and loot your luxurious chest.

Fifth Falling Sand Pool Puzzle (Luxurious Chest)

This is the fifth puzzle that you need to do. In order to complete it, you must fill up the top right pool fully and the bottom left pool fully.

Monsters will spawn once you complete this puzzle. Defeat them and head over to that sweet luxurious chest to get some good rewards.

Sixth Falling Sand Pool Puzzle (Luxurious Chest)

The final puzzle for this area is also located by the luxurious chests. This will be one more puzzle that you need to replicate from the other side.

In the image below, you will see exactly how you need to shoot the drains and complete the puzzle so you get extra rewards from the luxurious chest.

The top left, middle and bottom right pools need to be filled up for this one.

And there you have it gamers. That is how you can solve all sand falling pool puzzles for the Safhe Shatranj area in Genshin Impact.

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