Genshin Impact: All Primal Obelisk Locations

September 30, 2022
Check out this guide to find all the Primal Obelisk locations in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact has recently came out with a ton of new content in the latest update. The Primal Obelisk stones are one of the greater updates that have been done to the game. Mythical stones that have been scattered around zones and will require you to find them if you want to unlock new collectibles and rewards.

This guide will show you all the Primal Obelisk locations in Genshin Impact.

All Primal Obelisk Locations – Genshin Impact

Before you start your adventure in obtaining all the Primal Obelisks, make sure to complete these two questlines:

  • Golden Slumber
  • Old Notes & New Friends

If you don’t complete these two questlines, you won’t have access to all areas where the Primal Obelisks are located.

Primal Obelisk 1

This first Primal Obelisk is located just south of the Khaj-Nisut area. This is located at the Land of the Lower Setekh zone.

Once you’ve reached this area, you will notice a small ruin that is broken down and a pillar is sticking out. Simply climb to the ruin and interact with the first primal obelisk to obtain it.

Primal Obelisk 2

The second Primal Obelisk is located in the same zone where the previous one was, this time, you will need to head over to the Abdju Pit area and go to the eastern side of it.

Once there, you need to enter the cave and inside the ruin continue going southeast. From there, simply follow the path to where the ruin will guide you and eventually you will end up in a bigger room with a big mob waiting for you.

Defeat or skip the mob if you like and head over to the right side where you can activate an elevator.

Once you’ve made your way down to the lower floor, follow the path and take the first right where you need to activate another elevator and continue going up and follow the given path until you’ve made it into a bigger room with another elevator.

This elevator will bring you down to a lower floor and the path will be just forward. At the end of the path, you will find another rune that will allow you to bring down one more elevator and take you up to a higher floor.

In this room there will also be only one path that you can follow. Continue following the path until you spot the Primal Obelisk. Activate it and collect your rewards!

Primal Obelisk 3

This third Primal Obelisk is located on the south side of the Land of Upper Setekh. Position yourself east of The Dune of Elusion and follow the path given in the instructions below.

Once you’ve reached this destination, you will notice a Level 90 mob that will wander around. What’s more suspicious about this mob is that she has a glowing particle above her head. Meaning that she will lead you somewhere.

Your character will also say that you need to follow her quietly without being spotted.

After some walking and following, you will get to an area where you need to explore around and find the Primal Obelisk.

At this specific location presented on the image below, you will see a guard and a giant gate that needs to be opened if you select the correct password. Head over to the mechanism and defeat the guard.

Once you start interacting with the mechanism, you will be given two options that are passwords. You would have heard the password given to you from the mob that you’ve followed previously.

The correct password is “Marg bar parvezravan…”

With the correct password written on the device, the giant stone door in front of you will open up and grant you access inside the hidden cave.

From here on its simple. Follow the given path to you in the cave until you reach a bigger room where the Primal Obelisk is located.

Primal Obelisk 4

This next Primal Obelisk is located in the middle of 3 different areas:

  • The Dune of Elusion
  • Khemenu Temple
  • The Mausoleum of King Deshert

And the Primal Obelisk will be located on a small stone platform that you can simply run towards. Simply get to it and interact with the Obelisk.

Primal Obelisk 5

This next primal Obelisk is located on the west side of The Dune of Carouses area. There you will find a small structure made out of stone in which you need to enter.

As you climb the first stairs on the structure, stop and jump on the left wall where you will need to climb to the top and spot the Primal Obelisk at the top.

Once you’ve made it to the top, simply interact with the obelisk to collect it.

Primal Obelisk 6

This sixth Primal Obelisk is located on the southwest side of the map right where The Dune of Magma is located.

Enter the dune and continue going straight forward where there is a drop. Drop down to the lower floor and make your way to the right where you need to drop one more time. This second drop will be slightly longer and filled with monsters at the bottom, be careful!

Once everything has been dealt with, follow the only given path to you until you reach a giant cave that has a set of stairs and an entrance to a building in the wall.

As you enter this area, you will find the Primal Obelisk placed in the middle of the room which you can collect.

Primal Obelisk 7

This next Primal Obelisk is slightly tricky to obtain. The arrows that will be presented on the image below will require you to go underground and follow the path.

Once you’ve reached this area of the map, take a right and go down where a hole can be spotted.

Once you’ve made it down, follow the path until you see a broken bridge that gives you markers in which you can pass it. Avoid the markers and drop down under the bridge where the Primal Obelisk will be spotted.

Primal Obelisk 8

This Primal Obelisk is located inside The Mausoleum of King Deshret.

This location is pretty simple. Enter the Mausoleum and continue making your way forward until you see a fall trap. Go down in the fall trap and you will spot the Primal Obelisk there.

Primal Obelisk 9

This primal obelisk is located on the southwest corner of The Mausoleum of King Deshret. From here, you will need to head underground where the teleport waypoint is and follow the arrows which are given in the image below.

Get inside the small cave entrance which you will see and take the first left inside the build.

Once there, you will see a locked gate that will require you to have 5 glinting components to unlock it. These glinting components can be obtained by defeating mini-bosses.

With the door now opened, you can enter the next room where you will find the Primal Obelisk placed in the middle and interact with it.

Primal Obelisk 10

The last Primal Obelisk will be located on the North side of The Mausoleum of King Deshret. From the top teleport waypoint, follow the arrows that are given in the image below until you enter a giant cave opening.

Inside that area take the first right and go up the stairs where the path forward will be blocked and the only way to turn is right one more time.

Once you’ve made it to this area, turn right one more time and continue going forward.

In the next room that you enter, you will spot a locked chest in the middle of the room and paths available both to the left and right side. If you look at the chest from the path that you’ve previously came into, take the left path and you will notice the Primal Obelisk there.

And that’s all for all 10 Primal Obelisk locations in Genshin Impact!