Genshin Impact: All Lumenspar Locations in The Glowing Narrows

The Lumenspar are collectible items that will grant you levels into your Lumenstone Adjuvant. That is a utility that helps you open secret doors and grant you a ton of interesting materials. You will also need to collect these Lumenspars in order to get 100% game progress for that area.

This guide will show you all the Lumenspar locations in The Glowing Narrows location in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: All Lumenspar Locations in The Glowing Narrows

The first location will have two lumenspars that are close to each other.

They are both visible on the map and you will obtain them as you walk through this area.

The third and fourth lumenspar are also located next to each other. Go south from your previous location.

The first lumenspar can be found where the white marker on the map is. The second one is hidden in a puddle, glide over from the first to the second location to obtain both Lumenspars.

The next lumenspar can be found on the south side of the glowing narrows, where the giant mushroom tree is. Climb the tree and jump on one of the smaller branches where you will find the Lumenspar.

The next lumenspar can be found on the west side of the glowing narrows, continue going west on the glowing narrows, and go through the cave path where you will find the spar in the middle of the road.

Continue moving west until you reach some water and the marked area on the map. There you will find the next lumenspar that’s on the ground.

Continue following the road from the previous lumenspar and you will encounter another lumenspar on the north side of the road.

The next lumenspar will be located west from the previous one. Continue going west from the waypoint and on the stone bridge, you will find the next spar.

This lumenspar will be located on the southern teleport on the western side of the glowing narrows. You will see the lumenspar on a pillar.

From the teleport where the last lumenspar was, continue going west and on the giant stone bridge that’s marked on the map, you will see the lumenspar floating.

To get the last lumenspar in this area, follow the route shown on the image from either teleport. You will find the lumenspar in the middle of the stone bridge.

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