Genshin Impact: All Lumenspar Locations in Nameless Ruins

The Lumenspars are stranded all over The Chasm area. They are collectible materials that you can collect and used to level up your lumenstone adjuvant utility. A utility that gives you benefits and buffs. With this utility, you are able to open secret doors and get more loot!

This guide will show you all the lumenstones in the Nameless Ruins in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: All Lumenspar Locations in Nameless Ruins

The first location can be found in the Stony Halls area. Continue going west and you will see the lumenspar show up on your minimap.

The second location will be the south entrance towards the nameless ruins, on the left side of the wall, on top of the mountain, you will see the lumenspar glow.

To get the next lumenspar, you must climb the mountain where the image shows the marked area.

This next location for the lumen spar is tricky. Start by going from the Stony Halls towards the Nameless Ruins.

You must get some good high grounds firstly so you can glide down and collect the lumenspar that is located in the middle of the nameless ruins.

The next location can be found south of the nameless ruins, just continue towards the marked area and climb 1 wall in order to see the lumenspar.

This lumenspar also requires the Deinsleif Archon quest to be completed.

The next location is pretty simple, continue going north from the nameless ruins, on top of a pillar on the road you will find the lumenspar glowing.

The next lumenspar can be found in the south at the Nameless Ruins area. The lumenspar can be found on the road.

The next location for the lumenspar can be found just south of the previous area. On the opposite side of the camp, you will see the lumenspar on the ground.

Following the marked area on the image and holding the right side of the wall, eventually will lead you to the next lumenspar. You will find it placed on a platform as you glide down in the cave.

From the last lumenspar that you’ve collected, glide down towards the purple closed door. Have your lumenstone adjuvant to level 6 to unlock the door.

Once the door has been unlocked, enter, and inside you will find the next lumenspar.

Gliding from the northern side of the area marked on the map, glide down towards the broken stone bridge where you will find 1 lumenspar.

The second lumen spar will be on a big pillar right next to a giant monster.

When you get the lumenspar from the pillar, drop down into the hole and you will find another lumenspar in the ground.

Continue going to the southern border of the map from where you are, and on the very top of the stone construction, you will find the next lumenspar.

On the path connected with The Glowing Narrows, you will find the final lumenspar. For this area, you will need to unlock your lumenstone adjuvant to level 6 in order to open the closed wall.

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