Genshin Impact: All 4 Wounded Shin Valley Dendro Puzzles Guide

February 9, 2023
Check out this guide to see how you can solve all 4 wounded Shin Valley Dendro Puzzles for Genshin Impact.

The new update of Genshin Impact has added new puzzles such as the Dendro puzzles. This puzzle requires you to summon a light wisp from a small pillar and guide it towards different pillars. Once at the final pillar, you will unlock something special. Let’s see what it is.

In this guide, you will see how you can solve the Shin Valley Dendro Puzzles for Genshin Impact.

All 4 Wounded Shin Valley Dendro Puzzles Guide

Check out the image below first to see where exactly you need to be located to find this puzzle and the locked rewards.

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Once you make it to the teleport waypoint, you need to continue going north and end up in a giant hole where you will find a locked chest and a few pillars around the area.

There are going to be pillars with a green mark on them. Shoot your green arrows towards the pillars as Collei to reveal a hidden totem which you need to activate.

The second totem is just behind the chest on the southern side of the area. Shoot that one and you will have two remaining totems.

The fourth totem can be spotted in the other room at the very north side.

The fourth and final totem can be seen at the very top north side. Just above the chest, you will see a yellow shiny mark that you can attach to and go there quickly. Get to that high spot and you will see the green totem in front of you.

And there you have it. Those are all 4 totems that you need to activate and unlock the Precious Chest in the Wounded Shin Valley for Genshin Impact.